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What is a VIN Number Report?

(Essentially, a VIN number report and vehicle history report are the same thing)

When buying a used vehicle, you are taking the word of the seller of what shape the vehicle is in (Warning! - There may be more to the vehicle than meets the eye).

A VIN number report will disclose any reported information that may make the purchase of a vehicle a poor investment.  VIN number reports will disclose whether or not a vehicle has been:

Stolen or salvaged
In a flood or hailstorm
In an accident or fire
A victim of potential odometer rollback
Classified as a lemon
Used as a rental or fleet vehicle
A taxi or police car

By performing a VIN number check (type in VIN number above and click "submit"), you will know, for FREE, whether or not there is anything reported in Experian's national databases for that vehicle.  You can then purchase a VIN number report and know the details.  If there are no records reported, you can be more confident that the vehicle is a safer investment. 

What Information is Provided on a VIN number Report?

VIN number reports provide information pertaining to a vehicle's title, registration and usage history. Each VIN report displays the results of our search for: accident damage; salvage or junk vehicles; damage from hail, flood or fire; mileage discrepancies or odometer rollback; gray market vehicles (vehicles manufactured for non-U.S. markets that may not comply with emission and/or safety standards - does not include imports originally made for the U.S. market.); lemon vehicles; vehicles designated as rentals, taxis or fleet usage; abandoned or forfeited vehicles; records of theft; liens that represent ownership interests or unpaid judgements.

What Information is NOT Provided on a VIN Number Report?

VIN number reports do not provide the names of or information pertaining to a vehicle's previous owner(s). The federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) prohibits the release of such information for non-permitted uses. VIN number reports may not provide information on every accident a vehicle has been in.

Where does the Information for VIN Number Reports come from?

Information provided in an VIN number report comes from more than 150 data sources. These include: State Departments of Motor Vehicles, Auto Auctions, Canadian Motor Vehicle Departments, Consumer Protection Agencies, Auto Dealers and Other State Agencies. All data acquired from these sources meets either the federally mandated Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) or industry guidelines

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